After several weeks of solid results, we decided to tally up our Ironman Kona and Chattanooga 70.3 qualifiers. As of today, here is who we are sending:

Chattanooga 70.3 World Champs - September 9-10th

Emily Kratz (WI), Emily Rollins (TN), Elyse Gallagos (FL), Caitlin Glenn (OH), Lisa Roberts - pro (AZ), Mike Wien (GA), James Burke (WI), Jeanni Seymour -pro (CO), Bruce Gennari (TN), Scott Boylan (MD), Wendy Mader (GA), Meghan Fillnow (NC), Derk de Korver (CA), Steve Chapin (OR), Ellen Hart (CO), Laurence Delisle (CA), Helen Phipps (TX), Jackie Hering - pro (WI), Felicity Joyce (CA), Susanne Davis (CA), Craig Lanza (WI), Sam Mazer (WA), Tim Hola (CO)

KONA Ironman World Champs - October 14th

Emily Kratz (WI), Elyse Gallagos (FL), Wendy Mader (GA), Meghan Fillnow (NC), Derk de Korver (CA), Ellen Hart (CO), Kirill Kotsegarov - pro (EST), Susanne Davis (CA), Craig Lanza (WI), Sam Mazer (WA),  Tim Hola (CO)

*There are still several qualifying races available for more athletes to be added to these lists.