The 16th season is underway for the Timex Multisport Team, can you believe it!? After all these years, the Timex program is still alive and flourishing.

Team camp is a tradition dating back to nearly year one of the program. A unique weekend where all the athletes and partners get together. Dubbed a "training camp", camp is much less about training than it is about having fun, learning about the brands who support the team, and getting a sneak peak at the latest products from Timex. 

After the last two years in Tucson, Arizona, camp moved to the most natural destination for a triathlon team camp - Boulder. Take a look at what went down at camp 2017:

A big thanks to all of our partners who made this weekend one awesome experience. Two thumbs up to mother nature for providing us lovely weather. And an extra huge shout out to Shimano, who let us use their Louisville facility for our annual team awards dinner.

Look for Timex Multisport Team athletes racing at an event near you - they'll be hard to miss.