The Ironman World Championships has come and gone. As usual, the Kona heat, wind and challenging course made for one heck of a tough day. All but one of the 12 Timex Multisport Team athletes crossed the finish line on Ali'i Drive on Saturday. Here are results and a few thoughts from our dozen Kona studs:

Emily Kratz13th F345-39

"Kona was not my best but not my worst day...I did what I could with what I had and that is all I can ask of myself.  In the end, it's about staying positive, appreciating the opportunity and having some good fun along the way no matter what the outcome." - Emily

Elyse Gallegos:  - 5th F30-34 (*podium):

"I realized that performance out here on the Island is just as much about the mind and mindset and mental toughness as it is about the physical. I knew I was prepared for this race, so it was up to me to execute and keep pushing myself every single second to have the results & outcome I wanted. Which for me, is exactly what happened!" - Elyse

Wendy Mader8th F40-44

 "I raced it liked I trained it and learned how to race in the heat and wind based on past experiences. The goal was to not suffer and I did not suffer" - Wendy

Meghan Fillnow13th F30-34

"It’s a gift to compete at the Ironman World Championships. I love the opportunity to push my mind and body in ways I never thought was possible. Kona 2017 brought many blissful moments and other moments where I had to dig oh so deep, but that’s where the magic happens." - Meghan

Derk de Korver4th M30-34 (*podium)

"No matter how hard you prepare for Kona, it seems impossible to be ready for everything this race will throw at you. Conditions are constantly changing before and during the race that it takes a tone of focus. I believe that this is what makes this particular Ironman so challenging, any break in concentration is punished immediately.

On paper my race looks pretty solid and believe me, I am over the moon that I made it onto the podium while competing against the best in the world. However, this doesn't mean I didn't have my weak moments where I lost my focus. From nausea on the bike to cramps and the run and walking a quarter of the marathon. All of which I believe were caused by the Queen K bumping out one of my essential nutrition bottles on the bike. That said, no Ironman goes 100% according to plan and you always need to be prepared to improvise. This is what I did and it ran me to 4th in world and a Kona PR of 21 minutes. I can live with that :)" - Derk

Ellen Hart7th F55-59

Kirill Kotsegarov (Pro) - DNF on the bike leg

Susanne Davis18th F45-49

Craig Lanza212th M45-49

Sam Mazer44th F30-34

"Toughest one yet. I puked my guts out more times than I could count from Hawi onward and had trouble keeping any type of food down until the day ended but I never gave up and I got the job done in the end. It was definitely my toughest Kona I've done but at the same time it's probably the one I am proud of the most. We're all always grateful to be there no matter what the outcome. An IM finish is an IM finish and Kona is a special place so its really hard to be disappointed at the end of the day as long as you crossed the line. Mike Wien said it best at the team brunch the next day. 'Any day you get to run down Alii Drive is a good day.'" - Sam

Tim Hola44th M40-44

"Number 16 in Kona delivered everything I expected and more.  Ups and downs throughout the entire day, with the highlight being the swim as it was my fastest ever (51:57).  This race is so very special to me because I know each time I toe that line, I’ll walk away with something that will make me a better person.  This past Saturday did not disappoint in that regard, and I was very proud of my effort the entire day." - Tim

Mike Wien26th M65-69

"While I had high expectations of returning to the podium for the third time in my sixth Kona race and was in fifth place halfway through the bike, I ran out of gas at mile 80 and held on to a survival shuffle for the run.  That being said, it is a thrill of a life time to run down Ali'i Drive and finish the Ironman World Championship, so for me, it was still a great day." - Mike

Until next year, Hawaii, we wish you a farewell, ALOOOHAAAAA.